Have your brand resonate around the world

at ECHO Dubai Festival 2017


Dubai is often called one of the most glamorous cities in the world and is increasingly cementing its position as a trade and commercial hub, connecting cultures across the Middle East and beyond. It is also becoming one of the world’s top event destinations: Dubai will host the World Expo in 2020 -which according to the official EXPO 2020 website is billed to be a festival of human ingenuity.

This made Dubai the natural fit to launch the first – of – its kind multi-sensory festival where art, design, and technology intersect – ECHO Dubai.

Expanding on the terms “return on emotion” and “return on experience” ECHO was conceptualized by MICE International out of a passion to bring together the brands and people who dedicate their lives to new concepts and to pushing boundaries. Consumers no longer want to be fed content, but would rather create their own through shared experiences. ECHO gives brands the opportunity to provide an emotional, seamless experience with their product or service, thereby deepening brand loyalty.

ECHO Dubai will include forward-thinking workshops, a conference and exhibition, engaging installations, and an immersive sound festival. This year’s edition will take place from the 14th to the 16th December, in Dubai’s Design District(d3), under the theme” Interacting with the future”.

This unique platform will expose local and international businesses, brands and minds to current trends, and help to set new ones. It will facilitate knowledge transfer, and bring technological advancements to the local market.

The ECHO Dubai Exposition will provide a sleek, three-dimensional space for brands to exhibit their products and services through engaging installations leading to sales, loyalty and a sustainable business.

The potential returns on investment far outweigh the opportunities currently available in the market and will ECHO on long after the Festival comes to an end.

Showcasing your brand will guarantee an experiential engagement with current and potential customers, stakeholders and influential decision makers around the globe.

Join the ECHO movement and become an exhibitor today!