Echo Dubai Is A Creative Space For Learning, Innovation, And Technology

Just looking around you, one can see the rapid pace of technological change in the world. A smartphone improves your efficiency and connectivity, contact lenses boost your vision, and a pacemaker manages your pulse, and can save your life. Each of these innovations is the product of humanity and technology – the reason we live longer, are more informed in our choices, and are able to communicate with cultures and people that we’ve never met. Technology is propelling us into a world where nature, technology and humanity are growing ever closer.

Today bio hackers, researchers, scientists, business visionaries, and companies are pursuing new and marketable applications for cutting edge innovations. Many of them are intended to enable people to bring to reality their deep-rooted, transcendent wants and needs—to be efficient, resilient, stronger, smarter than the past. Researchers expect that in 2020, more than 30 billion connected gadgets will be used for mechanizing processes, lifestyle enhancements, communications, and marketing.

With only four months to go, ECHO will unveil brands that interact with the future. Come and explore them at ECHO Dubai 2017. The 3-day festival combines an expo, conference, forward thinking workshops, as well as closed talks, which will provide a dynamic platform for new innovations and technologies. Enriched by networking and collaboration between founders, entrepreneurs, promoters, decision makers, academics, and economist, the event will come to life through art, design, installations, and an immersive sound festival.

ECHO is all about teaching yourself new skills, sharing knowledge, and catalysing collaboration. We are collectively collating technology for our future, to build and grow a more connected, high-tech world. Read on to understand how technological forces are shaping our future world:

Wearable technology: Technology for the connected self. Have you ever thought a hair clip can sense sound? Yes, there is a device designed with hearing-impaired in mind, where hair clips use a microphone, light and fetch feedback from the sense of touch to help the wearer sense sound through the hair. At ECHO Dubai, there are numerous wearables beyond imagination that could connect to the internet, transmit data, read accurate movements which truly change lives.

Biotechnology: One such area of growth is an umbrella term which offers potential benefits beyond the inputs. It harnesses cellular and bio molecular processes to develop technologies and products that help to improve our lifestyle and the planet’s health. Learn how this is happening around the world at ECHO Dubai’s conferences and workshops.

Fashion tech: Fashion is aspirational, lyrical, and creative. Tech is functional, rational, and empirical. At ECHO Dubai, we are introducing a new layer of fashion blended with technology. Understand how it redefines future. The neck of someone’s sweater changes colour with their mood. The way their body speaks before you can filter them. This is just an example, more to experience at the venue.

Immersive experience: The conscious senses are transported from their immediate reality to an alternative reality via digital technology or images, immersive media, and 3D environments. Experience the latest at ECHO.

Experience unparalleled access to new trends, new technology, new innovations and new processes at ECHO Dubai 2017. Book your space now!