Embracing experiential opportunities can be a game changer for your brand

When did you last go to an exhibition that challenged your current perceptions? One that made you think differently about something you thought you had already made up your mind about? Have you ever had the opportunity to view behind – the – scenes workings of how brands conceptualize their latest designs, and then bring them to life? The hours of craftsmanship each item needs, and the new age materials that are used?

Exhibitions are plentiful in the region, especially in Dubai. But, a new type of exhibition is coming that will be a game changer.

Research shows that experiential engagement creates a far deeper, more emotional attachment with the end user, and brands are increasingly realising the power of this. But how do you actually go about doing it? Budgets are tight, attention spans are short, and consumers are becoming wary.

Step in ECHO Dubai, the region’s first multi-sensory art, design and technology festival that offers a platform for businesses and brands to engage with consumers in a way that hasn’t been available here before. The Festival will comprise a conference, exhibition, series of workshops, and a sound festival. This year’s edition will take place from the 14th to the 16th December, in Dubai’s Design District ‘d3’, under the theme” Interacting with the future”.

What makes ECHO’s exhibition unique is that it will comprise of three-dimensional installations, where visitors are able to engage with a brand through multiple senses, creating the opportunity to provide an emotional, seamless experience with their product or service, ultimately deepening brand loyalty.

At ECHO, you will be able to reach creatives, designers, scientists, engineers, technologists, music & audio-visual enthusiasts, influencers, students, policy makers, coders, visionaries, media, artists and engineers from around the world.

Take a look at what ECHO Dubai has to offer your brand, and embrace the experiential movement.