Featured On ECHO With Cedric Kiefer


Cedric Kiefer, creative lead of Berlin-based Studio onformative, is becoming a part of ECHO this December. He develops innovative projects that explore the expands of possibilities lying between analog and digital realms. Read more about him in this edition of our exclusive interview of Cedric Kiefer in Featured with ECHO.

What is your life philosophy?

There is a saying by Joseph Chilton Pearce who wrote a lot about child development. He believed that active, imaginative play is the most important of all childhood activities and he said that to be creative we must lose our fear of being wrong.
And I totally agree with that. If you only do what you are familiar with, if you never get out of your comfort zone you will never get further, you will only end up where you have been before. You have to be willing to take risks, do things differently. If there is no chance of failing then there is no progress.

Which city do you find most inspirational and why?

For myself, its not so much about individual cities. As the world becomes more and more connected I feel its more about different cultural influences no matter where they are coming from. No matter if its Arabian, Asian or European culture, there is so much to learn from each other and things to get inspired by. In that sense, I really enjoy living in Berlin, a city where people from so many different cultural backgrounds come together and live and work together.

What is your favorite material to work with and why?

Since the work we do is mostly not physical, often digital, the material I am working with most is actually light.
Light in all its different forms. Especially for our video or interactive artworks. No matter if it’s shown using LED Walls, digital screens or a projection, the way you showcase and stage your digital work is always important as well. And each of these mediums has a different quality and a different way of how they light up space. But we have also been exploring light in its more traditional way, by creating digital light paintings or just recently creating a kinetic light sculpture by blocking the light of fluorescent tubes to create a physical display. The work is called true/false (onformative.com/work/true-false) and I will share some insights and backgrounds info about the creative process during ECHO Festival.