Featured on ECHO with Dr. Koert Van Mensvoort

Understand human’s co-evolutionary relationship with innovation and setting out a pace towards the future is rewarding for both mankind and the world. Dr. Koert van Mensvoort is arriving at ECHO Dubai with this philosophical concept. Read more about him in this edition of Featured with ECHO.

What is your life philosophy?

Nature changes along with us.

Which designs or products do you think would/could benefit the Arab region?

In general but especially in the Arab region, we need to push for humane technology. Products that empower people, rather than outsource them. That extend our senses rather than numb them. Products that work for all of the humanity, not only for the happy few. Products that resonate with our intuition, rather than estrange us. Products that realize dreams people have of themselves.

Which city do you find most inspirational and why?

My most inspirational city is at this moment is Dubai. I believe Dubai could become the Venice of the 23rd century. This may sound odd, but remember: in the 12th century when Venice emerged, it was a crazy place where too much power and money concentrated. This brought a lot of tension and excitement but also resulted in astonishing art and architecture that we now can cherish as a pearl of human culture. I hope one day we can also appreciate Dubai in a similar way. This is not evident, it needs work. I find it inspirational and exciting to witness this development in my lifetime.

Which your favourite material to work with and why?

I like to work with people. As an artist, I am very conceptually driven. I don’t have one specific skill that is linked to wood, marble, paint, electronics or pixels. I love envisioning project together with a team of people that breathe life into the project with their specific skill or craft that enable the sum to be more than the separate parts.