Featured On ECHO With Would I Wear It (Steven Kainth)

Steven Kainth, founder of Would I Wear It, a product design trained technology. Steven has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands in the technology, luxury, automotive and fashion sectors and he’s now featured in ECHO!

What is your life philosophy?

Experience everything! I have realized that the things I get the most pleasure from, are the experiences that I encounter. We experience things all the time, from the way an app works on a smartphone, to how we are spoken to on the phone and through visiting places. I try to live each day mindful of the experiences I encounter and in turn, I like to think about how I come across to others.

Which designs or products do you think would/could benefit the Arab region?

I would not pick a single product, however; I think what would really benefit the region is more holistic. Arab’s are amongst the most well-travelled people in the world and as a result are open minded thanks to the cultures they experience. It would be great to see Arab’s nurture their own ideas that are challenging, creative and experimental. Cities like Dubai are incredible, impressive and the benchmark across many verticals, all of this would not be possible without local people allowing progression to take place in their cities and country. A lot of talent in the Arab region has historically been imported, I would love for the world to recognize and name individuals from the region who have created global impact. I think we will see this happen soon.

Which city do you find most inspirational and why?

It has to be London – I like to call London, “The capital of the capitals”. Geography has played a pivotal role in London success, It’s a truly global city built from communities from everywhere on the planet. London has embraced experimentation and has been a liberal city, more so than many other cities in the world. Its creative heart across, fashion, design, and architecture has provoked thought and in turn stimulated new ideas. The ecosystem is built on great foundations, and this is why I feel it’s so inspiring.

Which is your favourite material to work with and why?

As a trained product designer and someone who has loved fine art and sculpture, I’ve been fortunate to experiment with many materials but today I would say it’s food. This may be an odd answer, but I think food and drink are the most malleable materials to work with. They are multisensory and therefore expressing ideas through food fascinates me. Many objects of design can be subjective, misunderstood or complicated to understand, therefore they are not always appreciated. I feel food, on the other hand, provokes a deeper connection with people and can be highly emotional. It brings out life experiences, childhood memories and occasions that we remember. Right now, I’m learning how to create texture in drinks/cocktails, that changes the liquid properties to become more than something that’s only sipped. By experimenting with food, I feel like I’m learning so much that’s having a creative impact on my work because the heart of it is all about experiences. The key is finding ways that my company; Would I Wear It can link creative ideas for brands that I work with, so they can get more out of promoting their own products, ideas, and digital experiences.