Featured On ECHO With Boris Chimp (Miguel Neto and Rodrigo Carvalho)

Boris Chimp 504 will present a totally reactive and immersive live show – Multiverse, at ECHO in Dubai this December. Underlining the relationship between graphic language and sound synthesis, two creators – Miguel Neto and Rodrigo Carvalho are expressing their remarkable vision on ‘Featured with ECHO’. Read on this edition to know more.

What is your life philosophy?

Miguel Neto: To be good to one another, work on behalf of your community and for our evolution as a species. Preferably surrounded by Art!
Rodrigo Carvalho: I guess my answer is in a way similar to Miguel’s, but I would like to add a little of techno-utopia with an eco-consciousness and a desire to explore another planet and the deep-space.

Which products or new concept do you think would/could benefit the Arab region? How do you see the future of live performances?

Miguel Neto: To be honest, the only 2 Arab countries I’ve been before were Morocco and Tunisia so it will be a great opportunity coming to Dubai to know a bit better the Arab region and its culture. Related to live performances, although right now the audio-visual is everywhere I believe the future (and already present) will be in transmedia and multidisciplinary performances.
Rodrigo Carvalho: A couple years ago I visited Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and one of the things that caught my attention was the melting pot of nationalities, as the UAE is in the “middle” of the world where west meets east and North meets South. And guess that in the field of the art & technology, interactive art, and audiovisual performances the UAE has the potentiality to be also a central point for creators, events, and festivals.

Which city do you find most inspirational and why?

Miguel Neto: Right now the most inspirational city for me is my own (Faro). I’ve lived abroad in big cities for a long time and came back 5 years ago and although it is a small place (60.000 inhabitants) the quality of life is great (beach and mountain very close). Also, there has been a lot of improvement on the cultural level and I found ways to promote music-related events of my own, which challenge me every day.
Rodrigo Carvalho: My choice is a little bit bias, but I have to choose my hometown (Porto) which I guess has the nice balance of small town with the cultural offer, creativity, events, quality of life. In the past I have lived in Aveiro, Madrid, Barcelona and Austin, each one of them has its own personality, but my favourite one is Porto.

What is your favorite software-program to work with and why? Is your work fully digital?

Miguel Neto: I work mainly with Ableton Live but I use a lot of hardware and could be in the future I don’t use the computer at all for live performances. Right now DrumBrute from Arturia is my new “toy” for creating all live beats and I play a lot with sending audio to FX, using the mixture table as an instrument itself.
Rodrigo Carvalho: The visuals on Boris Chimp 504 AV live are 100% digital created with “Quartz Composer” and controlled live with “VDMX”. They are manipulated and rendered in real-time and reactive to sound.

On other projects and installations, we also work a lot with “Max”, some electronics, Arduinos, and sensors for the creation of physical interfaces.