A new push for UAE’s biotechnology sector at ECHO

UAE is one of the super innovative lands in the world having a key role in developing and implementing the modern technology. The latest studies say that UAE needs a strong focus on its healthcare sector and this could probably give a special importance to the biotechnology industry.

In a recent article by Cyrus Hodes David Balekdjian, he says, “Knowing UAE’s capabilities, the ingredients to become a serious biotechnology and life sciences player exists in the UAE itself. What is needed is more leadership in this field to transcend ways of conducting beyond the regional comfort zone, a better understanding of what is necessary to achieve this vision and a real commitment to success.”

Get more details on this topic by reading an article here: The UAE’s biotechnology sector needs an injection of boldness.

This December, ECHO Dubai is presenting world-famous biotechnologists and genetic engineers on a multi-sensory platform for injecting boldness to the UAE’s biotechnology sector. We believe this event could meet the needs of UAE ever quicker towards racing its biotech sector to the next level.