Noura joined MICE International – an integrated, UAE-grown events management company – in early 2011, after completing her Bachelor’s of Science in Design Management from the American University of Sharjah’s School of Architecture and Design. As MICE International’s Conceptualiser, Noura draws upon her creativity and passion for technology and design to create unique, innovative concepts for a wide range of high-profile clients in the region.

It was during this time at MICE International that Noura realised there was an opportunity to help launch innovators in the region through collaboration and exchange of knowledge amongst the region’s artists, engineers, scientists, educational institutions, private enterprise, and Government bodies. This led to the creation of ECHO Dubai, the region’s first art, design and technology festival which aims to redefine the ways in which brands communicate and engage with consumers, as well as championing artistic expression through forward thinking mediums. The Festival will combine advanced technologies with a wide range of sound, visual and digital media, creating an interactive, multi-sensory experience on both a business and consumer level.


Noura Hawilo

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